Maurice O Brien de C@ 3:04pm 07-12-2009
I also wholeheartedly agree with the previous reviews.

The small island of Hvar has a history of over 5,000 years of continuous human settlements and was also occupied by Greeks, Romans, Venetians, French and Austrians and evidence of this fascinating saga, as well as recent Dalmatian history are to be found all over the island---if you know where to look!

And what better way of doing this than with Sinisa of the 'Secret Hvar travel agency', where I booked a tour last week!

There is a set plan for the tour, including time off for a traditional lunch (included in the price) and a swim, but Sinisa will also improvise and tailor the trip to meet special wishes. In my case ( I'm a historian), the emphasis was on archaeology, history and art and his commentaries, delivered in faultless English demonstrated his love of the island, which is infectious and an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of his subject. In fact, this is a type of tour that any visitor would enjoy, even those who come to Hvar to just bake in the sun--as I do.

Sinisa is also a great story teller and a bit of a raconteur and genuinely friendly, definitely not, I suspect a priority in Hvar's tourist industry. In fact, like Laura and Ryan, at the end of the day, I too had won a friend.

But my most lasting impression was the return to Hvar along the recently constructed ( but not entirely finished ) stretch of road from Sv. Nedjelja to
Dubovica. Not for the faint hearted, it is, in my opinion, one of the most spectacular and picturesque cornice roads on Croatia's Dalmatian coast.

Finally; I'll be in Hvar next September and I intend to go on another adventurous tour with Sinisa--if he'll take me!

Maurice O'Brien de Clare.
Cologne, Germany.
I.B.Š.@ 5:47pm 06-28-2009
Napokon jedna Hvara dostojna web stranica Good luck!
Laura & Ryan@ 11:38pm 06-23-2009
Sinisa- what a great and informative website! We really enjoyed touring Hvar with you yesterday.

I agree with the below reviews. Sinisa is a wonderful guide and very knowledgable about Hvar. Not only has his family been here for over 500 years, he knows the history very well and is visibly excited when he describes it. For example, we visited the town of Stari Grad, where very recently the excavation has discovered ruins much older than they previously thought, and we could see Sinisa's eyes light up when he was showing this spot to us. He said he can't wait to hear more about what they found! It is this personal interest and enthusiam for his culture and history that sets him apart from other tours.

He is also very trustworthy and ethical and was so nice to stop the car to let me take pictures of every other lavender field we passed. I might add that the photos he took of my husband and me were great as well! His car is comfortable and he seems to know lots of people on Hvar, waving to many we passed on the streets.

I think my favorite stop was in Vrboska to taste wine in a 200 year old cellar.. the owner, wine, and company were great. By the end of the day, I felt that Sinisa was not only our guide but our friend. He also speaks English well and is easy to converse with, so if you have the chance to take a tour of Hvar with Sinisa, I would highly recommend it!

Laura & Ryan
Dallas, Texas USA
Debra Conkey@ 11:38pm 06-22-2009
I have been planning custom trips for 30 years (with six of those years as a travel agent) and often set up tours for my clients and myself with local guides. Sinisa is one of the very best. His family has lived on Hvar for hundreds of years so he brings a very special perspective to history and culture. He is very enthusiastic and couldn't wait to show us as much as he could in the short time we were on Hvar (I am also a writer and photographer and wanted to come to the island to photograph the wild lavendar fields). He was very responsive to our wishes, stopped when we wanted, took us to beautiful places we had expressed interest in, but also had many other suggestions. He was one of my favorite guides, ever. We love to explore and see new things and he didn't disappoint. We were coming from Korcula Island and had to catch the ferry to Italy from Split, so we had a very short time on Hvar (4 1/2 hours). Sinisa was waiting for the two of us in a very comfortable van, which was easy to get in and out of and to explore in. He was very reliable and I was grateful since our time was so short. One of my clients also enjoyed touring with him as well.

I can highly recommend him and, to sum up, I feel he is very ethical, knowledgable of history and culture, enthusiastic, fun, open to suggestions, reliable--plus he's very calm, nice and tactful.
ITB@ 3:50pm 06-20-2009
Svaka čast stranica je prisuper...neka i usluge budedu isto tako dobre i bit će to super posol
Igor@ 10:25pm 06-17-2009
drogo mi je vidit da si se ormo! nodon se da ce posol hodit kako bog zapovido i da ce komentarih ala "joe & elaine" puno u godiscima koja dohode!
ranko@ 1:11pm 06-17-2009
Lipo, od ovega tuko cogod i bit. Somo naprida, Ranko
P.Z.@ 11:05am 06-17-2009
Page is beautiful. I wish you much success in your work.
Joe and Elaine@ 5:45am 06-17-2009
Siniša (or Simon if you prefer) is simply the finest tour guide that we have ever used. He is thoroughly knowledgeable and is very informative both of history and culture. Never in a hurry, Siniša goes that extra mile to make your tour a once in a lifetime event while always leaving plenty of time for taking wonderful photos. I would recommend that everyone visiting Hvar contact Siniša and Secret Hvar for a tour of a lifetime. You won't regret it!
M. Schiklich@ 3:59am 06-15-2009
Hvar is a great island!

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