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gerald guerin@ 4:32am 07-15-2018
Est ce que vous avez des excursions en Français pour visiter des vignobles et champs de lavande?
Si oui qu'elle est le cout nous serons a Hvar le 18 septembre 2018
Ben Levine@ 9:54pm 03-28-2017
Hi there - I will be in Hvar on Friday May 26 and am looking to book a wine tour with Sinisa. How do I go about booking this and getting more information about it? Thank you!
Linda Krichbaum@ 7:16pm 03-09-2017
My group of six will be in Hvar in August. Would you provide details of your off road tour - areas visited, duration, cost. Thank you.
Carson & Haley@ 8:44pm 07-09-2016
We spent the day wine tasting with Sinisa on Hvar Island going to Pinjata and Tomic. Such a fantastic experience! Sinisa is very knowledgable not only about the local wine, but also Hvar history and culture. Would highly recommend to anyone visiting Hvar!
teng teng Lim@ 4:03pm 04-22-2016
we are a mother and a 17 years old daughter from Malaysia. we will be in Hvar from 4 JUne to 6 june and would like to join the off road tour and sea kayak. we will come from Split on 4 june morning.

Please give us more information e.g how long the trip will last, cost ect.
C Atkinson@ 7:32pm 02-04-2016
We are a couple visiting Hvar in July. Can you let me have full details & costs of off road tour please. Also for hiking tour.

Many thanks
Mary Ghagan@ 10:30am 03-09-2013
Hello, we are four people (2 from UK, 2 from Australia) and we are interested in booking for your Island Tour on 30 June 2013. We are staying at Komazin Apartments for four days, can you please advise cost and availability. Many thanks.
Julian@ 2:19pm 08-11-2012
Hi Siniša, we really enjoyed both of the tours we took with you while on Hvar. We are now back home in the UK (where the sun is shining!). We look forward to our next trip to Hvar, maybe in 2014!

Best wishes,
Mette Bunyan@ 11:32am 07-10-2012
We are 2 ladies coming from South Africa to Hvar in September. Please advise what the cost is for your Hvar Island Tour, which sounds delightful. Many thanks.
Mike@ 12:12am 09-13-2011
Sinisa! Great great job. We loved the off-road / wine tour. Really glad we did it and will DEFINITELY recommend this to our friends when they visit Hvar (which is amazing!). Thanks again for all of your help and for the memories!
Emma@ 6:16pm 06-30-2011
I would have to agree with messages already posted, Siniša was a fantastic guide around the island. It's so refreshing to hear such passion for the place you live in, and Siniša certainly is passionate. From transfers to tours, the agency couldn't have been more helpful and efficient.

It's rare a place exceeds expectations (and the photos seen on websites) but Hvar certainly does. A beautiful island with beautiful people and a place I have been recommending since I arrived home!
Iolanda A. Fonseca @ 2:50pm 06-22-2011
Dear Mr. Sinisa,

Thanks a lot for your kind attention during our day trip in Hvar.

Hvar Off-Road Tour & Hvar Island Tour from your Travel Agency is a new discovery throughout the island for the foreign.

Walking around the Stari Grad streets, the charm of the small villages, the
Dominican Monastery and its perpetuated peace, the very nice restaurant
Trica Gardelin, the delicious taste of wine and so on.

Traveling in Croatia is indeed an unforgetable good experience of life.

The country really surprised us.

Elisete Prati, Elaine Prati Cruz and Iolanda A. Fonseca
São Bernardo do Campo/São Paulo/Brazil
deb and alex novak@ 7:47am 06-11-2011
my husband's father Dinko Novak lives on Hvar Island. we are going in september. who hooo!
Kay@ 4:29am 06-09-2011
Best. Tour. EVER. :-)

Hvar is the most breathtaking place I've ever experienced, and this tour made it that much more beautiful. Our tour guide, Siniša, was amazing as he shared all kinds of intriguing stories about the history of Hvar and then took us to a traditional tavern for the most scrum-diddly-umptious lunch I've ever put in my tummy (lamb with potatoes and veggies...and cold beer!...yummmmm).

And the landscape surrounding us during the tour? The only word that comes to mind is...WOW! Absolutely incredible, like NOTHING I've ever seen before! I highly recommend The Secret Hvar Offroad Tour for anyone who wants to discover a place that's truly magical.

Happy travels!
Kay - Texas, USA
Ann@ 3:01pm 06-06-2011
A great H.O.T. Tour! I can only recommend it! In one day I could see so much of Hvar, a beautiful island! Thanks a lot to Sinisa!

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